Thursday, June 3, 2010

Woollen winter lamp makeover

Just wanted to share something with you that I did a couple of months back and its seriously so easy that even an 8 year old could do it ...oh thats right an 8 year old did do some ! Unfortunately I don't have any before pics of the lamp because that was pre blog days when I didn't photograph every minute detail of my life , pre blog days being anything before yesterday actually.
Anyway back to the lamp , it was just a basic white drum lamp shade that had seen better days , it was faded and actually the white bit was even coming away from the metal rings at the top and bottom and I was just about ready to toss it out when I thought what can I do with this old thing .....Hmm a makeover ??

So remembering I had a few balls of green wool that I happened to pick up at Spotlight for only 50c a ball I just started to wrap it around , tying first to a metal bit inside the shade . Ok so you just wrap and wrap and then wrap some more( this is when 8 year old boys come in handy) until the whole thing is completely covered remembering that if you need to tie a new piece on its on the inside .
So you could do it like I did it , really neat or I guess you could even get a bit crazy and keep overlapping kinda messy like for an organic look its up to you , just don't go too wild and go near the light bulb because that would just be well....dangerous.
So, easy peasy and doesn't it look all cosy and warm for winter .....and yes it does still emit some light .

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