Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wax paper chandelier

                                                 How clever is this
You know I love a bit of craftiness
No its not capiz shells at all ...its made from circles of wax paper , yes the same stuff we wrap our sandwiches in and line our baking trays.I know who would have thought!
                                  Plus one of these hanging planters 
look how much they look like the real deal, cool huh

If you think you might want to give one of these a go here are the instructions .Its made by Brenna at paper and ink blog
Thankyou design*sponge , for introducing me to such a great blog and to Brenna for the idea ...too clever.

x Michelle

Monday, February 7, 2011

Trash or treasure?

So last night I got all excited and clickety click what do you know I bought this baby on ebay.
I haven't even picked it up yet so feeling a little ...you know is it a really cool vintage set of school lockers or  what the hell were you thinking!!
Will have to wait and see I guess....Ok so the man said they need a couple of pot rivets?? Hubby said no problem so that's good. Isn't it?. The plan is that they may look awesome in teenage sons bedroom. So that's the plan...I think.
x Michelle