Monday, February 7, 2011

Trash or treasure?

So last night I got all excited and clickety click what do you know I bought this baby on ebay.
I haven't even picked it up yet so feeling a little know is it a really cool vintage set of school lockers or  what the hell were you thinking!!
Will have to wait and see I guess....Ok so the man said they need a couple of pot rivets?? Hubby said no problem so that's good. Isn't it?. The plan is that they may look awesome in teenage sons bedroom. So that's the plan...I think.
x Michelle


  1. oh lovely, will certainly look good in a boy's room, good buy!!!!

  2. Oh thankyou so much , can't believe anyone even reads my blog so a HUGE thankyou .

  3. Just found you via Table Tonic. What a lovely blog Michelle - will be following. Thank you, Annie x.

  4. Have you restored this yet? I'd love to see how it looks. It looks like an unreal find. Perfect for a boys room.

  5. No Tricia I haven't , they actually are in a pretty terrible state to be honest and they weigh a ton. But I will be sure to blog about them if/when I work out how to tackle them.