Saturday, July 23, 2011


I don't have any tattoos ...I'm very indecisive ...its not uncommon for me to have a sleepless night over choosing what colour to get the new clock in the kitchen (yes I actually did that this week)and I only had to choose between black or silver!!I know and then when I decided I thought I still made the wrong decision. Yep that's me, so it makes sense that I shouldn't do anything really permanent like a tattoo. BUT if I was going to get one I'd get this one. How cool is it.


  1. Good luck with the race tomorrow - 11km is very impressive. I do 5km...on the treadmill...not quite the same is it?! Laughed at your indecisiveness as I have the same ailment. Good luck tomorrow. Annie x.

  2. Thanks Annie are so sweet.Mx

  3. Hope the race went well
    I often lay awake at night trying to decide on things too - crazy really because then I am too tired to do anything about it ... and thanks for your comments on my blog!

  4. Hi Michelle - I hope your race went well! (a few months late, but still...) What's your email address, I need to ask for your full name and postal address - you won a prune kit from my blog! Many thanks :)
    Heidi xo