Sunday, March 27, 2011

I've been busy

Four weeks ago I started making a blanket using Lucy's pattern for granny stripe blanket from Attic 24. If you are into crochet you really must have a look at her blog it really is so lovely. Anyway I can't tell you how much I have loved making this blanket. So much so that I have nearly finished it.
 This is how I can be found most nights.

 I only bought a few balls of wool the rest were from a bit of a stash that my mum no longer wanted. I really wanted the colours to be bright and cheerful and I am so happy with how its turning out.

 Only two more rows to be done now and then I have to sew in all those ends!! And then onto the border. I have until Wednesday as I promised Noah that it will be on his bed when he gets home from camp. Nothing like a deadline to spur you on and the promise to a nine year old.
Michelle x

Thursday, March 17, 2011

BBQ decorating

We recently had a little bbq for my mums birthday , it turned out to be such a hot day so the tropical theme I went with looked so pretty.

Here are a few pics

On the table I just filled jars with bougainvillea from the garden and also tossed around some little cocktail umbrella's, the lanterns are from freedom
The Martha Stewart pompoms are so very easy and were a first attempt so I was really happy with how they turned out and they hung quite well from the bananas in the yard ( except fourteen year old nephew asked why I had put bath sponges in the trees....sigh)

No I hadn't forgotten the laundry tub...that was used for the cold drinks. Don't they come in handy for a million uses I really must get some more .
 The bbq turned out a great day if a little hot at around 40 degrees ...but as far as decorating goes the whole thing probably cost about $10 which I was pretty happy with .
Do you like it ?
Michelle x

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day bed makeover

Our daybed on the front deck was really starting to look a bit tired , we had already chucked the mattress off it because it was starting to fall apart and I really felt it needed a freshen up, it was annoying me everytime I entered the front door.So after a few coats of white gloss this is how she's looking.

much better ...I was over the balinesiness( ok so I know thats not a word) of it anyway.
Sorry about the ordinary photos I realised I hadn't blogged for ages and hastily took these shots just a few moments ago and would you look at that pillow on the left !I'll blame the kids for that one ...they must have touched it . Anyway just thought I'd share.Hope you like.
 Michelle x