Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day bed makeover

Our daybed on the front deck was really starting to look a bit tired , we had already chucked the mattress off it because it was starting to fall apart and I really felt it needed a freshen up, it was annoying me everytime I entered the front door.So after a few coats of white gloss this is how she's looking.

much better ...I was over the balinesiness( ok so I know thats not a word) of it anyway.
Sorry about the ordinary photos I realised I hadn't blogged for ages and hastily took these shots just a few moments ago and would you look at that pillow on the left !I'll blame the kids for that one ...they must have touched it . Anyway just thought I'd share.Hope you like.
 Michelle x


  1. Yep - I like! After living in Perth, I also am very over Balinese gardens, swim up pool bars, thatched garden rooms! Huh?! Love the white on the seat and have the same problem with children! Annie x.

  2. Thankyou Annie , its so lovely to get a comment.