Saturday, July 23, 2011


I don't have any tattoos ...I'm very indecisive ...its not uncommon for me to have a sleepless night over choosing what colour to get the new clock in the kitchen (yes I actually did that this week)and I only had to choose between black or silver!!I know and then when I decided I thought I still made the wrong decision. Yep that's me, so it makes sense that I shouldn't do anything really permanent like a tattoo. BUT if I was going to get one I'd get this one. How cool is it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thinking about cushions

Lately I've been thinking a lot about new cushions. Is it winter that does this ...the need to cosy up and add some colour to our dreary days.
I'm loving this one
Mandalay Cushion AquaIts from my favourite local shop Nest Emporium, seriously this shop is so good if you are ever down this way (Thirroul) you need to check it out, and of course they have an online shop too. So anyway I'm thinking a couple of these babies on the bed.
Also I just bought this one last night on made it to go in the 10 year olds room and it was only $15 ...I know so cheap! And that was with the insert too. His room is having a massive clean out! Out with the toy box and about 10 tonnes of plastic/battery less toys and in with some cool things like the cushion.
And I'm thinking maybe one of these also from nest emporium
Industrial Letters
Except his will be a N (Noah)
Also have painted a wall with chalkboard paint too so its all coming together .You might remember this blanket that I made it is his too so that will be in there.Do you get the need to change things around in winter too, spring clean /chuck out?
Michelle x