Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Check out my awesome golf ball lamp.

So the other day I was out shopping and saw this cute little lamp for the bargain price of $20 and I thought it would look sweet in the bedroom , so took it home and quite pleased with my little bargain lamp I had it sitting in the lounge room when teenage son came in and commented on my 'golfball lamp'!!! What! What golf ball ? It doesn't look anything like a golfball ! And then I took my rose coloured bargain shopping glasses off and does kinda look a bit like a golfball. But I seriously had not seen a golf ball before he mentioned it .And like father like son , hubby came home and he liked the 'golfball lamp' too. Oh Bugger.
Anyway just thought I'd show you a few other awesome and rather stylish golfball lamps too.

Wow real golf

Golfballs and fake grassy stuff in a jar lamp, awesome

 Giant realistic looking golfball lamp , a personal fave.
 Funky green and white chandelier , I am so getting one of these babies.
Simple and stylish with an actual golf green and golf stick, makes me want to take up golf.

And a matching pair of ginormous golf ball lights...umm...bedside tables??

So well yeah ....things could be worse.
Michelle x
PS If you do own a lamp like these please don't take offense ...each to their own I guess.

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