Sunday, June 20, 2010

Green chair love

A couple of years ago, January 2008 to be exact Home beautiful featured the stunning home of Interior Designer Kate Sacks . This home is right up my alley I love everything about it and I guess I have a similar thing going on here as Kate does . Well almost ...

timber floors check ,

same freedom coffee table check ,

white walls check ,

touches of wicker check ,

two boys check,

house in Byron Bay check.... Ok so that's a lie but I did live there for 6 years so its kinda true ,ok not really . Anyway my absolute favourite thing in Kate's house were her green chairs.

Oh how I loved those green chairs , I dreamed about those green chairs and wished I too had a Aunt that would pass on to me some green chairs just like these. So I kept my copy of Home Beautiful and would often look and sigh at the chairs but had given up the hope that one day I would have green vintage chairs too .

And then something AMAZING happened ....

while driving down the road to pick my son up from school a couple of months ago what is sitting on the side of the road , homeless and waving at me was ....TWO VINTAGE , VELVET GREEN CHAIRS .

Now let me tell you , lucky for me I drive a van I screeched to a halt ....and well those chairs and I locked eyes and well.... its been love ever since .

Let me tell you these babies weigh a ton! They may not be perfect they have a few marks...

And they were a bit grotty...

And they may have had a lot of rubbish down the sides......

And my house may not be as beautiful as Kate Sacks's home..

But I love them .....and one day I will recover them . And what will I recover them in ....well green velvet of course.

x Michelle

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