Monday, November 15, 2010

A new painting

On the weekend we thought we would pop up to a little art exhibition that was being held locally by two women Jenny Asquith and Becky Guggisberg . We had seen an article about it in one of the local papers and the paintings looked lovely .

And this is what we bought. Isn't it beautiful . Its actually titled "they are all talking about us" ???  So the kids have decided that the green bird on the left and the one with its face closest to it are having a little bird chit chat and the other birds are talking about them . Anyway we love it , its pretty big so really brightens up the room.
And here is the newspaper article ...and look Becky's holding our painting . Cool huh!

PS Its not really centered properly on the wall but there was a hook there so for now that's where its going!
PPS  Do you like it too?
x Michelle

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  1. That's a beautiful painting. I wouldn't have been able to walk by it myself. Looks great in the nursery!! x