Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sweet little blue birds

Do you remember blue bird jewellery. I do. I had little blue bird earrings when I was a girl. Do you like this modern version of blue bird jewellery .I like it a lot .Its from Australian etsy store Jewelry Deli .

Aren't they sweet ( and quite a bit cooler than my earings in the 70's)

x Michelle


  1. Yes! I remember longing for a Bluebird of Happiness ID bracelet at the age of 10. When I eventually got one, I wore it to school and promptly lost it :(

    Love, love, love the new version...thanks so much! Mimi

  2. Yes! I had bluebird earrings too in the 70s. I lost one along the way though and ended up throwing away the other :(

  3. This is just so precious. Thanks for the link. x

  4. I always wanted a bluebird brooch but never had one! And I'm a sucker for turquoise - great link!